100 Reviews of Open Rhinoplasty

Theerathorn Clinic

Dr. Rattarut BarrameechaiphachThe surgeon specializes in open rhinoplasty techniques.

We would like to share impressions from our clients including celebrities, models and businessmen who have had the opportunity to do open rhinoplasty with Dr. Gun.

For more than 20 years, the doctor has given importance to safety as the number one priority. The structure of the nose of the patient will be assessed in detail. Doctor will not force making the nose higher than the nasal tissue can handle. There is a risk that the silicone nose will penetrate.

With its naturalness and safety. It has become a favorite of many businessmen, actors and celebrities in Thailand. That is the reason why Theerathorn clinic has been number one in open rhinoplasty in Thailand for a long time.

We are guaranteed open rhinoplasty skills by many celebrities, actors, beauty queens, net idols and businessmen.